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Manual Handling
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 20 minutes
PRICE £15.00

Manual Handling


This Manual Handling training guidance provides the necessary information and training for staff to understand more about the risks associated with manual handling, how to undertake a risk assessment and how to ensure appropriate control measures are put in place.

Manual handling accidents account for more than a third of all accidents reported each year to the enforcing authorities Back injuries are the biggest cause of staff absence in the UK and yet most are preventable! Manual handling training is a legal requirement in any situation where your staff are required to do any lifting, lowering, pulling or pushing that carries any level of risk. Most work environments employ people who need to use some form of manual handling.

Target Staff

The course is aimed at any staff who may undertake manual handling tasks, including the transporting of a load by lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving, either by hand or by bodily force.

Who is it for?

  • Yard, warehouse and office staff
  • Those involved in unloading and loading of vehicles
  • Those handling and distributing deliveries and stock
  • Front line staff handling customer purchases and goods

What you'll learn

  • Common manual handling injuries
  • Activities that constitute manual handling
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Assessing and reducing risk
  • Correct handling procedures and techniques
  • Use of mechanical aides
  • Manual handling laws and guidance
  • The need for record keeping

Course Benefits

This concise 20 minute manual handling training course is a superb way to show your staff how to identify risk and work safely at all times. Once completed your staff will be able to identify their manual handling activities and know the correct techniques and equipment to use. They’ll understand their own and their employer's responsibilities in relation to manual handling. Importantly, they will know how to protect their backs and to move loads with safety and confidence. Your business will also be protected from costly absenteeism and litigation, and the risk of short or long-term back injuries is greatly reduced.

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