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Cyber Security
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 20 minutes
PRICE £15.00

Cyber Security


Cybercrime is on the rise and it is therefore essential that all the employees working for your company understand the importance of cyber security and their role in protecting your data and your reputation.

Our course gives an understanding of cybercrime, how it can occur and how everyone in your organisation can contribute to preventing it. Learners will understand their responsibility and be more aware of potential cyber threats, gaining essential cyber security knowledge and skill, to help protect the business' and their own digital life.

Target Staff

This course is suitable for all staff who have access to computer systems or handle material which includes personal details covered under GDPR.

Who is it for?

  • Any staff accessing the company IT system
  • Particularly beneficial for those handling computer system access and security
  • Ideal for staff responsible for personal data of staff, suppliers, customers etc

What you'll learn

  • How to protect yourself against cybercrime
  • About shared responsibility
  • The dangers of USB for data transfer & password management
  • Social engineering to manipulate security access
  • How Phishing is used and how to spot it
  • How to identify security breaches and prevent them

Course Benefits

This 20 minute training course will help your staff to safeguard your company from attack and avoid making simple errors which could result in a data breach, thus avoiding damage to your company’s reputation, impairment of your IT infrastructure or a large fine.

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