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Contractor safety procedures
TYPE Online Course
PRICE £30.00

Course Overview

This course has been Approved by RoSPA.

If as an organisation you use Contractors or Sub-contractors to carry out work on your premises, then it is your responsibility to provide information regarding the site/premises and any hazards that may affect their activities.

It is important to communicate any specific health and safety requirements contractors must comply with (such as site access, security and emergency procedures) to ensure the safety of both parties.


Course Objectives

This course covers:

  • The Health and Safety responsibilities of both parties as specified under current Health and Safety Legislation
  • General site procedures and safety requirements in relation to a variety of areas such as using PPE, working from heights, working with electricity, permits, etc
  • Emergency procedures in place and how to report an accident


Benefits to your organisation

  • Ensure Contractors complete the training BEFORE they gain access to your site
  • Demonstrate due diligence with regard to the management of Contractors and the communication of your Safety Policy
  • Extremely practical solution for the delivery of this training requirement


Target Audience

All contractors

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