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Data protection
TYPE Online Course
PRICE £30.00

Course Overview

Data Protection is a 25 minute course that provides employees with essential training on how the Data Protection Act 1998 relates to them and the work they do. The course covers the eight principles of the Act that determine how data should be collected, handled and stored and how these principles apply in practice.


Course Objectives

In this training course employees will learn:

  • The eight principles of the Data Protection Act and how they apply in practice
  • What their specific responsibilities are under the Act
  • What the term 'Personal Information' covers
  • The importance of handling personal information responsibly and the consequences to individuals whose personal information is not handled responsibly
  • The rights of individuals whose data they hold and handle


Benefit to your Organisation

  • Supports your organisation's efforts to comply with obligation to ensure that all personal information is collected, stored and handled responsibly
  • Promotes good working practices and helps safeguard the rights of individuals whose personal data you hold and handle
  • Help ensure employees are not breaching the Data Protection Act


Target Audience

All employees including management.

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