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Selling Skills 1 - Complete Programme
TYPE Online Curriculum
DURATION 5 hours
PRICE £185.00
DESCRIPTION The complete Slleing Skills primer in a modern, easy to digest format.

The complete Selling Skills 1 Programme: whether you are embarking on a new creer in Sales or brushing up on skills this complrehensive Programme covers 6 core skills of the Sales person. Each module is presented by an experienced trainer and in addition to the onscreen text there are detailed handouts to download too. All you'd ever need to take that first exciting step out 'in the road'!


This programme works well with Selling Skills 2 which steps up to more advanced skills such as Consultative Selling and Managing Accounts for Growth.

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Title Duration

Sales, Time and Territory Management

Learn about your key responsibilities around daily activity and how to make best use of your time and sales territory.

45 minutes

Making Sales Appointments

Make solid sales appointments with confidence and get to the decision maker quickly

45 minutes

Opening the Sale

Learn how to open a sale with confidence and engage the prospect to move a sale forward

45 minutes

Selling Features and Benefits

Understand more about the value of highlighting benefits to the customer instead of merely relaying simple features.

45 minutes

Overcoming Objections

Learn how to challenge and overcome objections with confidence bringing a sale to a satisfactory conclusion.

45 minutes

Closing the Sale

Gain a deeper understanding of the various tactics that can be employed in closing the sale successfully

45 minutes

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